Saturday, January 19, 2013

marrakech: day three

Goodmorning, everyone 
- and welcome to my third entry about our fairytale in Marrakech!

When I blogged yesterday, I told you that we were going to Yves Saint Laurent's home. And we did. In fact, A didn't give me much time to dress properly (long pants, long sleeves, scarf around my hair) before he had caught us a taxi.
We drove for about ten minutes maximum (you have to understand, Marrakech is really not a very big city) and arrived at Rue Yves Saint Laurent.
A friend of ours have told us, that the museum connected to the garden was dull, so we decided to pay for the garden entry - that includes the garden café. More about that later.

So. Saying that I've been to Yves Saint Laurent's home may be slightly misleading... Mostly because it's not true. For some reason I expected that parts of where he used to live (he's dead now, obviously) had been turned into a museum... Or something. That wasn't really the case, so let me run you through what to expect when you some day come to Marrakech and want to see this garden.

Yes, it's a garden - called Jardin Majorelle (The Majorelle Garden). The garden was founded by Jacques Majorelle (painter) in 1947 where it was opened to the public. Majorelle died in 1962 after a car accident, and years after, the garden was given to the 'Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent' to make sure that the garden would continue to be maintained. This is where Yves comes into the picture.

Before he passed away in 2008, he spent much time in Marrakech with his partner, Pierre Bergé. They lived right next to the garden (Jardin Majorelle), which they have turned into an atmosphere of their own. Despite Yves' passing away, Bergé still spends time in their house in Marrakech.

The colors were amazing. Blue, yellow, orange, red, green, more blue. The garden is't very big but it's so charming. We sat in the garden café afterwards and had lunch.

After our visit in Jardin Majorelle, we went back to our Riad (hotel) and stayed on the rooftop terasse, lying in the sun and reading (currently reading 'A Moveable Feast' by Hemmingway... Love it!).

At night we went to a traditional Morrocain restaurent (will include it in my upcoming guide to Marrakech) which was really nice. We went back to the hotel around 11 and watched some TV and fell asleep. 

Yes, we are super duper relaxed here in Marrakech. It's great!

Today we're going to get massages, go to the souk and make our final purchases (I'm getting some ghetto-bling-bling) and we might also go to The New City...... There's a Zara..... It MUST be cheaper... Right??

Much love and gros bisous

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