Wednesday, December 05, 2012

i'm listening to...

Merry Christmas, my dear readers.

I just wanted to share this with you: I'm guessing most people know it already, but it's the best of the bestest (hehe) christmas songs E-V-E-R.
Coldplay released it two years ago, I believe. 
Give it a shot.

Christmas Lights by Coldplay.

Much love and gros bisous

☆ ☆ 

Monday, December 03, 2012

meet: clara t.

I might as well just start out by apologizing for the silence that has been ruling the blog the past few weeks. To be honest, I've felt like blogging every day -- but I just didn't know what to blog about... I mean... I could tell you about my four hundredth time to COS, I could tell you about school or I could tell you about the weather.
But I would hate for my blog to become about something really boring or meaningless.

.... Which is why I return today. To share something with you, that has come to mean a lot to me the past few months here in Paris. To me, this is not boring.

Meet my dear friend: Clara

Isn't she adorable?

We met a few weeks after I moved to Paris. I went to an event in The Danish Church on Champs Élysées, and I was both sweaty and late as I walked into the room where all the other Danish girls were sitting. Proper entrance... Not.

So as we all presented ourselves, I did notice Clara as being somewhat down-to-earth and very, very relaxed. When we had finished presenting ourselves, Clara came straight to me and asked about advice for a French cell phone number. (I know that might sound random, but guys... It's a MYSTERY)

We bonded immediately. You know the feeling? We talked the rest of the evening and met up a week after that. Since then, we've seen each other quite a lot -- and it has been amazing to know, that I had a girlfriend juuuust around the corner.
Sadly, this pumpkin is leaving in a few weeks... For good. This I why I thought I'd share her with you.

Clara is 20.
Clara is very, very blond.
Clara is Danish.
Clara is quite tiny.
Clara likes history.
Clara likes literature.
Clara likes smoking.
Clara likes dancing.
Clara likes talking.
Clara cares for her friends.
Clara is daddy's girl.
Clara has humor.
Clara makes me LAUGH.

I'll come back later this week to show you something truly Christmassy - yayyy!

Much love and gros bisous

Pssssssssssst.... I actually want to show you some pictures from a few weekends ago.. Clara and I went out. And had a llllooottt of fun.

☆ ☆